Awe-Inspiring Photographers In The World!

Photography is a different approach to art, and one can pursue it as a passion only if he/she is seriously passionate about it.
Don’t miss out on looking at these photographers who’ve made a good name in the career of photography!

1. Robert Frank: From being a commercial photographer in 1941 to being a fashion photographer in 1947 to be a street photographer and a photojournalist between 1950-59, Robert Frank became one of the best street photographers in the world!
He was offered a fellowship called ‘Guggenheim Fellowship,’ which permitted him to travel the USA, which arose a work called ‘The Americans.’
He added text to the photographs to emphasize them.


2. Anne Geddes: A self-learned photographer from Australia, Anne Geddes was recognized as an official and professional photographer at thirty!
She was extremely good at newborn photography, which made her famous. In addition, she published a few books, and they were sold for more than eighteen million copies. ‘Down in the garden,’ a debut book of hers, made it to the list of New York Times Bestsellers.

3. Steve McCurry: Mr. Steve is a photojournalist and a photographer who’s well-known for the photograph of “The Afghan Girl.”
The photograph became popular and was put up in the National Geographical Magazine. As a result, he’s been awarded ‘The Royal Photographic Society’s Centenary Medal” and “Magazine Photographer of the year.”


4. Mario Testino: Mario Eduardo Testino Silva is one of the creative fashion photographers and portrait photographers. He is an all-rounder whose works are published in popular magazines such as V Magazine, Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair. He’s known as a collaborator, creative director, entrepreneur, guest editor, and art collector too!
He has also worked as a photographer for famous fashion brands such as Estee Lauder, Gucci, and Chanel.

5. Annie Leibovitz: A famous portrait photographer of the USA, Annie is known for her photograph of John Lennon on the day of his assassination.
She held an exhibition at Washington’s National Portrait Gallery in 1991 and was the first woman to do so.
It is said that if she wants to photograph someone, then she’d like to know them. This attitude and style of hers make her stand out from other portrait photographers.


6. Jimmy Nelson: Mr.Nelson from the UK is more likely to be called a portrait and a travel photographer because of his photography in a series called “Before They Pass Away” that made him travel to places like Africa, Vietnam, Tibet, etc. He’s pretty good at capturing people’s emotions, and he is fond of visiting tribal areas in the world!
His photographs are exhibited in Art galleries and International museums, and the series has also won many international awards!

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